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Delaware is a small state, but we are not immune to the global challenges of autism.

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When Your Child Does Not Want You at School, by Jen Nardo

As my son Jake, who is 21, finishes his final year at the Delaware Autism Program (DAP), he still exhibits hiding behavior in certain situations. The behavior is less intense than it was when he was younger. For example, Jake does well if I just stop by school and...

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Gaining Skills Through Adapted Sports, by Kate Cottle

My family started attending the University of Delaware’s Adapted Sports Club nine years ago because, while both of my sons have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), my older son was also diagnosed with Asperger’s markers. [Asperger’s...

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These Gifts Are Priceless, by Rob Gilsdorf

Growing up, I developed expectations of what fatherhood would entail. For raising a son, I expected Little League Baseball, tossing the football around, cheering my son at high school football championships, and the like. As we parents of children with autism all find...

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Sensory Friendly Summer Fun!

Sensory-Friendly Fun at Amusement Parks/Museums! KidZooU: Hamilton Family Children's Zoo and Education Center at the Philadelphia Zoo has collaborated with special needs groups to create a sensory friendly experience. This experience offers social stories, a visual...

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Parents Share Adapted PE Experience

The Autism Delaware Google group offered parents the chance to write about the effect of adapted physical education (PE) on their children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Here are the four questions: • Is your child’s adapted PE experience appropriate for his or...

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Jillian’s awareness

Jillian Mathews, who is 21 and will graduate from the Charlton program in May of this year [2016], is very excited to share some important information to increase autism awareness. “It’s important to understand people with autism and what their interests are,” says...

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Deciding How Much Information to Share, by Jen Nardo

When my older, neurotypical son Frankie was in the fourth grade, begins parent Jen Nardo, he wrote a book report about a child living with autism. During Frankie’s oral report, he talked about his younger brother Jake and some of the challenges our family faced at the...

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Parent2Parent, by Jen Nardo

Parent2Parent, by Jen Nardo Every phase of our kids’ lives comes with its own set of worries and concerns. I remember when my boys were born that I worried about their eating, sleeping, and “diaper activities.” Those beginner worries moved on to sitting, crawling,...

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How to Vacation So It’s Relaxing, by Jen Nardo

How to vacation so it’s relaxing by Jen Nardo Vacationing with a child who has autism brings up many questions: Should we drive somewhere? Should we fly? Should we stay at home and play in the backyard? My family has done all three—and so can yours! Here are some...

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Family Support Manager Annalisa Ekbladh on WJBR

WDEL’s Andrew Sgroi on the Walk for Autism

WDEL’s “Big Don” Voltz on the Drive for Autism weekend at Dover Int’l. Speedway

Policy Director Alex Eldreth and  Development Director David Woods on WDDE

Board President Pete Bradley on POW&R and Dover Downs

Executive Director Teresa Avery on WMDT, 47 ABC

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