We Help People And Families Affected By Autism

Support & Activities

You are not in this alone!

Autism Delaware’s mission is to help people and families affected by autism throughout Delaware. We believe that support and education move us toward that goal.

Our Support & Activities

We offer educational opportunities that help parents and caregivers learn about important topics, we host parent coffees, and have an online support group that helps to build peer networks. We hope that you will take advantage of some of the options that are available to you.

Visit our events calendar for a complete list of upcoming opportunities

Workshops & Speakers

Autism Delaware provides regular opportunities for parents, caregivers, individuals with autism, medical professionals, educators, and members of the community to hear directly from experts in the field of autism therapies, autism issues, and autism research.

Social Skills Activities

Building social skills is an important part of the continuing development of both children and adults with autism. Autism Delaware provides a number of social and recreational opportunities, which is a great way to engage in social skill building, throughout the year.

Recreational Opportunities

Each year we hold, literally, hundreds of opportunities for family recreation, from sensory friendly movies, to bowling, roller skating, art classes, and beyond.

Coffee & Conversation

Parent coffee hours offer the opportunity  to get together in a safe, comfortable atmosphere to talk about issues of concern, vent frustrations & learn about important topics.

Autism Delaware Summer Beach Camp

Purpose of the Camp

The Autism Delaware Summer Beach Camp is designed to provide a traditional summer day camp experience with necessary supports from staff who understand the special needs of youth with ASD. Our goal is to help each child have a fun and successful summer camp experience building new peer relationships, exploring new activities, and making gains in independence. Camp also provides the opportunity for respite for families!

The camp program is highly structured and filled with new adventures within a repeating schedule. Activities include kayaking, sailing, swimming at the beach, low ropes course, arts and crafts, swimming in the pool, and more! Throughout each activity, emphasis is put on communication, social skills, and building self-esteem. We use a “Challenge by Choice” approach throughout camp activities, meaning that we encourage campers to try new things, but never force them into an activity. Emotional and physical safety are always our priority.
Program staff will include teachers, paraprofessionals and therapists with autism training and experience, Autism Delaware staff, and Children’s Beach House Camp Counselors, allowing for a low staff to camper ratio.

Application Process

Applications for camp in 2018 are now closed. If you’d like to talk about camp in 2019, please call our office in Lewes at 302-644-3410.

Other programs we offer:

Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERS)

PEERS is a 14-week social skills intervention for motivated teens/tweens in middle school or high school who are interested in learning ways to help make and keep friends. PEERS is an evidence-based, interactive program for young folks (ages 11-18) with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Registration for PEERS is on-going.  If you are interested in the PEERS program, please conatct Annalisa Ekbladh at annalisa.ekbladh@delautism.org or 302-224-6030 x 218.

Parent Online Support Group

This e-mail group is for parents, guardians or any family member who has a care-taking role of an individual with autism, Asperger’s Syndrome or PDD-NOS living in the State of Delaware. This will be a place to safely share your experiences and concerns. This group is set on private and only members can read and post to the group.

When it comes to participation in this group, please remember: Venting is healthy and something we all need to do it from time to time. Vent away if you must! However, bashing or slandering another member on the group for their choices in therapies, techniques or beliefs will not be allowed. We will warn anyone who violates this policy and remove them after a second incident.

Email attachments are not permitted in this group.

The email address for the group is: ASDSupportGroup@googlegroups.com.

The website for the group is at: http://groups.google.com/group/ASDSupportGroup.

You may choose to receive individual emails, a daily summary or participate by going to the group website to read or post.

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