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Autism Delaware’s mission is to help people and families affected by autism throughout Delaware. We believe that support and education move us toward that goal.

Guía de Recursos

This directory is made up of mostly parent recommendations and is updated annually. It contains information about everything from education, to adult services, to recommended neurologists. Check it out!

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Autism Delaware Family Support Services

The goal of Autism Delaware’s Family Support programs is to provide families with comprehensive, accessible, family centered support. Our dedicated Family Navigators and Family Support Providers support families in assessing needs, recommendations and designing next steps for children diagnosed with autism. Each child is different and each family is different. Each program is individualized to best support the family’s needs and goals.

Most importantly, families will have the opportunity to discuss how to put recommendations into action. The Autism Delaware staff will help families ensure their child has the options and opportunities necessary for success!

Family Navigation:  Family navigation staff support families who are struggling with navigating the complex system of services for individuals with autism. Navigators engage one-on-one with families to help them understand the services and supports available to them.

Autism Care Team (ACT) Program: Nothing can replace the connection made between a new parent and one who has experience, resources and help to offer, and time to just listen and reassure. Our Family Support Providers are parents of children with autism who work one-on -one with families on an ongoing basis to provide an array of services and supports.  As part of the ACT program, staff will work with families to:

• Develop a plan with each family which includes needed services and supports, such as those provided through early intervention, therapies covered by insurance, specialty care, respite care, and others
• Establish short- and long- term goals with the family as part of their plan
• Connect families with parent education programs
• Follow-up at a frequency that varies by family and stage in the process
• Parent training
• Help coordinating among providers
• Access to individualized therapeutic program

If you are interested in receiving ACT services, talk to your provider about a referral. You may print the referral form below for your pediatrician or other providers.

For more information about the programs and referrals, contact Autism Delaware at 302-644-3410 for Southern Delaware and 302-224-6020 for Northern Delaware.


Division of Developmental Disabilities Services

The Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDDS) provides community-based services including family supports, Shared Living, respite, neighborhood homes, supported living, pre-vocational, vocational and supported employment as well as day habilitation services.

In addition, DDDS provides case management, nursing, psychology, therapy and other professional supports to ensure that individuals receive the quality and level of supports needed.





Medicaid es un programa de atención médica del gobierno para personas de bajos ingresos y / o discapacidades. Muchos de Delaware afectados por trastornos del espectro autista dependen de los servicios financiados por Medicaid a través de la escuela, servicios de día para adultos, y por supuesto los profesionales médicos y terapéuticos. Estos programas son críticos para mantener a nuestros seres queridos seguro, productivo, y progresando.

Children with autism are eligible for Medicaid coverage regardless of income.  The Medicaid program for children with disabilities is called the Children’s Community Alternative Disability Program.

Application for Medicaid is through the Delaware ASSIST program.  https://assist.dhss.delaware.gov/ 

Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services

The Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services, also known as DPBHS, provides a statewide range of voluntary mental health and substance abuse treatment and prevention services for children and youth.

DPBHS provides voluntary prevention, early intervention, behavioral health and substance abuse counseling and other treatment services to children through age 17. DPBHS provides services to those children who: are without insurance; or are enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP and who require services more intensive than 30 hours of outpatient treatment in the Medicaid basic child health benefit provided through Managed Care Organizations (MCOs).



Guardianship, Power of Attorney & Supported Decision-Making

Guardianship is a legal proceeding in which someone (usually a family member) asks the court to find that a person is unable to manage his or her affairs effectively because of a disability. A guardian steps in the shoes of the person with a disability and makes the decisions for them. 

Visit Autism Delaware’s Resource Guide to search for attorneys who can assist with Guardianship

A Power of Attorney or POA is created when a person (called the “principal”) voluntarily authorizes, in writing, another individual (called an “agent”) to take action on the principal’s behalf. POAs may be revoked in writing at any time by the principal, provided the person is able to understand what they are doing at that time (must be witnessed and notarized).

Power of Attorney forms are available online through the State of Delaware.

Supported Decision-Making is an option to assist individuals with disabilities in making decisions, when that person can still make decisions but may need assistance because of a disability.  Supported Decision-Making can assist individuals in the areas of personal life, healthcare, and  financial.


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