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Volunteers are critical in all aspects of our operations and we simply could not provide the range of services, events, and resources that we do without them.

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Apply below or call our Volunteer Coordinator Louise Doe , at 302-224-6020 for more information

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Volunteers are essential to Autism Delaware’s work in the community. They serve on committees, help in the office, and are crucial members of the teams that run our annual fundraising events. Volunteers are critical in all aspects of our operations and we simply could not provide the range of services, events, and resources that we do without them.

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Thanks for your interest in supporting Autism Delaware with your time and effort! Please complete our volunteer registration form so we can learn more about you and how you can help.

We communicate with our volunteers in a number of ways. Please complete the information below to ensure you are receiving the information you need. You may of course request to be removed from the mailing list if you discontinue volunteering.

Below are the many ways in which volunteers can help Autism Delaware carry out their mission!

  • Introduction
  • Contacting You
  • About You
  • Events
  • Other


Full Name

Date of Birth

Are you 18 or older? (Some volunteer tasks are only open to adults)

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Contacting You

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About You

Connection to autism and/or Autism Delaware

Please list any languages you speak in addition to English

Do you have experience working with people with autism or other developmental disabilities? If so, please describe it. (Experience is helpful for some volunteer tasks, but certainly not all. If that applies, type none)

If you are volunteering as part of a group, please tell us which group you're with.

Event-related Volunteering

Fundraising Events:
If you'd like to help out with a fundraising event, choose as many as you'd like below!

Public Awareness:
Would you like to do community outreach by staffing a table at community events?

Recreational activities for people with autism:
Please check all that interest you.

Family & Social Events:
Please check all that interest you.

When I'm working at an event, I would most like to be part of:

Other Volunteer Needs

Would you like to help with office work? (Examples are: data entry, phones, mailings, etc.)

Periodically various media, including our own newsletter, want to interview members of the autism community about their lives and experiences. If you are a member of the autism community, would you be interested in being interviewed about your experiences with autism?

If you said Sure to above, when is the best time and way to contact you?

Join a committee to have an impact on decisions made within our organization for the autism community.

Is there any other information about yourself that you would like to share with us?

The Star: Autism Delaware’s Volunteer Newsletter

Stay up to date with the latest news and events related to Autism Delaware! The Star spotlights Autism Delaware’s volunteer of the month, and lists upcoming opportunities where you can help.

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