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“I cannot explain how much Dafne and the Autism Delaware team has changed our lives” – SONDRA KUHNS

While Autism Delaware has been supporting individuals and families affected by autism for 21 years, many families are just beginning their journey. The national incidence of autism is now one in 59 births. Delaware is not immune to this trend; thousands of families in Delaware are impacted by autism and their journey often begins with fear, worry, and a lack of resources. With your donation, we can continue to support more families. 

Millsboro residents Sondra and Stephen Kuhns braced themselves for a challenge when their son Stephen Jr. received an autism diagnosis last year. And they got one in the form of an inconclusive autism evaluation from their son’s school despite Stephen Jr.’s obvious need for speech therapy. This discrepancy is critical because—separate from a medical diagnosis—Delaware families must meet the criteria for special education as defined by the Department of Education to receive school-based services and supports. Without special education eligibility, Stephen Jr. could not get the critical services he needed. The Kuhns were going to lose speech therapy services, and their hopes of help for their son and family were crushed. 

The Kuhns have a very supportive extended family, a great network of friends, and two young daughters (Ava 11 and Arianna 5) not on the autism spectrum, who love their little brother deeply. Even with all this support, the Kuhns were desperate for educational support for Stephen Jr. Their worry and anxiety skyrocketed. Then Sondra was referred to Dafne Carnright at Autism Delaware.

“That moment,” notes Sondra, “was like a godsend.” She and her family found support through Autism Delaware’s newest model of support, the Autism Care Team. Called ACT, for short, this program connects family support providers, like Dafne, with families and supports them along their journey and in their own communities. Like all ACT staff, Dafne has a child on the autism spectrum, so this program is about parents helping parents not only to understand and develop the tools they need to help their children with autism but also to get valuable information. No other program like this is currently available in Delaware. “Dafne would meet me at the McDonald’s play area near my house time after time,” continued Sondra, “to coach me on how to support my son. It was amazing. She understands what we are going through because she has also gone through this. Dafne guided me on the basics of what do I do, where do I go, and what do I do next. It was all so overwhelming. I couldn’t tell you where my son would be—where I would be—without the support from Dafne. It makes me cry to even think about it, and it’s only been one year.” 

As a result of this support, the Kuhns family was able to have Stephen Jr. reassessed. Today he receives the special education services he needs. When Sondra is asked what advice she has for families, she says, “I tell families who have not reached out to Autism Delaware to run—Do not wait! Run, and get the help you need. I cannot imagine having to do this on my own.”

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Many of these events take place in or around April, Autism Awareness Month. Examples of events run by our supporters include: a dance showcase, motorcycle rides, paint nights, dodgeball tournaments, beef and beers, blue jeans days at work… and so much more. Small or large, every fundraising event counts. The only limit to fundraising is your imagination! Please consider organizing an event to raise funds and awareness for autism today.

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