From the President

In 1998 a small group of parents of children with autism met in the gym at the Brennan School to discuss forming an organization. We weren’t sure what we were doing, but we knew we needed to do something! We wanted to connect not only with each other, but also with important information, advocacy and support. In the years since, we’ve gone from that first phase of growing together as an all-volunteer organization, to the next phase of beginning to hire staff and becoming more professionally run, to the third phase of providing direct services to the autism community through our adult service arm, POW&R.  Now we are well into Phase Four – a fully formed, professionally staffed organization that provides support, information, recreational opportunities, social activities, adult services and clinical services such as diagnosis, behavioral supports and family consultation and support.  We are also beginning to explore the possibility of providing residential support services.  I couldn’t be prouder to be a founding member of this dynamic organization and to be President of the Board of Directors of Autism Delaware.

Kempner photoIt’s been an exciting journey, but also a challenging one. Over the years every time we’ve reached a milestone and felt like celebrating, we quickly realized how much farther we had to go. This is a long road and in many ways we are just getting started.  And it will take ALL of us together to keep the momentum going.  Even as we have grown into a professionally staffed organization, we still depend on volunteers for so much of what we do. There are many opportunities, no matter how much time you can commit – worker-bee jobs, committee work looking at big picture issues, leadership jobs for events, help with advocacy through personal contact with legislators – there is something for everyone.  Please don’t ever assume that because we have been so successful that we don’t need you!  We need your ideas, your time, your advocacy and, yes, your money. Contact Autism Delaware today to find out how you can get involved and make a difference. Considering our history, it’s clearly amazing what we can accomplish together!

Marcy Kempner
President, Autism Delaware Board of Directors